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City of Cottonwood - Special Centennial Event

sponsored by the Historic Cottonwood Hotel

Dolan Ellis in concert
Arizona State Balladeer

Friday, February 17, 7:30 pm
$18 adv $20 door $25 reserved

After almost 42 years as Arizona’s Official State Balladeer, Dolan Ellis still hangs his professional hat on the title that first came to him in February 1966, as an appointment by Governor Sam Goddard that has now been endorsed by ten consecutive governors.

Many well-deserved awards have come to Dolan Ellis over the years: a Grammy, gold records, the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame.  Senator John McCain read Dolan and his music into the Congressional Record.  He was the first to be inducted as an Arizona Culture Keeper.

As wonderful as these awards and titles are, nothing means as much to this great musician and folklorist as being The Balladeer.  He even wrote a song about it:  

I write the songs but not for fame
My songs belong to the sun and rain
Forget my face, forget my name
Just call me The Balladeer

The lyrics are true.  Dolan Ellis is a very talented poet and tunesmith who could have directed his efforts toward the commercial market.  Instead, he chose to write about, sing about, and teach us, Arizonans and visitors alike, about the state he loves.

If you love Cottonwood like we do, you’ll want to come and celebrate in the music, stories, memories, and little known facts of The Biggest Little Town in Arizona.

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