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Master Throat Singers from Tuva

Friday, November 11, 7:30 pm
$15 adv, $18 door

Chirgilchin is a group of musicians from Tuva, the geographical center of Asia, near Siberia and Western Mongolia, who sing the ancient folk songs in the Tuvan language, the group also plays traditional hand made instruments.

Throat singing is an extraordinary vocal form in which one singer produces two or more voices at the same time, one voice harmonizing with the others. It is truly astonishing, magical, and beautiful to hear. This ancient tradition is kept alive in just a few countries across Central Asia, south of Siberia. According to some, the best throat singers in the world come from Tuva.


The open landscape of Tuva allows for the sounds to carry a great distance. Singers will travel far into the countryside looking for the right river or mountain overlook to create the proper environment for throat singing.

Atmospheric and mesmeric, throat singing is almost too difficult to describe in words. Some say that “It must be heard to be believed.” The music, produced by resonating low sounds in the throat, creates a middle note and a haunting, flute-like harmonic

The members of Chirgilchin are among the best in Tuva. Igor Koshkendey has twice won the Tuvan International Throat Singing Competition, singing and winning in all of the six styles of throat singing. He has won other international throat singing competitions as well. His singing, in the unique Oidupaa style, is surpassed only by its originator, Vladimir Oidupaa. Igor has composed new songs as beautiful as the traditional Tuvan melodies that Chirgilchin also performs.

Mongoun-ool Ondar won the Tuvan International Throat Singing Competition at the age of 16. He is recognized as a master of all six styles of throat singing, and has developed a new style of his own. His incredible solos can express and inspire profound feelings of tragic sadness or blissful joy.

Aldar Tamdyn won Best Instrumentalist at the 2000 International Folk Music Festival in Tuva, playing the strings of the morin-huur and the byzaanchy. He is the director of the National Tuvan Orchestra of Traditional Instruments. He builds the instruments played by Chirgilchin and other Siberian musical groups.

Chirgilchen happens to appear at OTCA on 11-11-11. The number 11 is considered to be a master number, representing balance. In Numerology 11 represents vision, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius. Come and witness these artists from far away lands and revisit the magic.

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