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Scott Beck
Music of the Spirit

Friday, May 28th, 7:30PM
$10 advanced, $12 at the door, $10 seniors

An Evening of Uplifting Music

This concert is the perfect opportunity to relax, and create a ‘feel good’ mood going into the holiday weekend. “Scott has a unique, uplifting sound, as gentle and relaxing as a mountain stream. His lyrics take the mind to a place of higher thought and remind you of the positive nature of man. His songs captivate the audience with their magic and simplicity, and often elicit tears, smiles, or laughter,” Jody Drake of the Blue Rose Theater in Prescott, observed.

Singer-songwriter Scott Beck grew up on the music of the great songwriters of the 60's & 70's, including John Denver, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Crosby-Stills & Nash, and Justin Hayward. Through their inspiration, he has learned to tap into the soul essence of a song and bring it through his heart in a way that allows his listeners to resonate with the stories and messages. If you find yourself longing for the music that was created by those inspiring artists of the 60's and 70's, you’ll find common ground in Scott's music. His songwriting makes the intangible and mysterious come alive with expressive optimism. One fan put it this way, “Scott’s music is of the spirit, it soothes your soul.”

His first band experience was in high school ('65 - '68) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, playing rock and roll; then a band in Okinawa during his tour in the Navy, playing FM-standards by the Who, the Allman Brothers, and ZZ Top. He then played for several years in the San Jose, CA band, Ded Ringer, writing a large portion of the group's originals.

After leaving the band he removed himself from the music scene for 12 years until 1994, when he realized he still had the desire to play and create soulful music - so he joined a classic rock band in '96 (SRO) that played great rock and soul from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, in Sedona, Arizona. Scott noticed a shift in his material when he went back to the acoustic guitar in early 2000. Songs with great story lines or spiritual messages presented themselves, and he learned to let go of the urge to control the direction of the song and allow it to reveal itself. When asked about his work, Scott hopes his songs “connect with the truth in your soul - they entertain, inspire, provoke contemplation and heal."

For this special concert Scott will present music from several of his recordings. Scott’s first CD, “Between Heaven and Earth,” offers a look at the changes he has witnessed in his lifetime and is introspective, taking the listener back to a time when life was simpler and slower paced, and encouraging them to consider what is really important. Scott’s second release, “I’ve Seen the Light,” is joy-filled and inspirational, filled with positive themes that help empower the listener. Eight of the songs are in the key of “F,” the tone of the heart chakra. As a former massage therapist who also worked with vibrational sound, Scott realized during production that these songs could aid in the opening of his listener’s hearts to facilitate their personal healing journeys.

Scott completed a new CD of folk songs, fairytales, romantic ballads, and observations on life, titled “Singing You Home,” which was released in mid-October. This CD, a solo effort with Scott on acoustic guitar and vocals, is more reflective of a live performance and is the perfect "prairie home companion" for folk lovers.

Scott will be available after the concert to meet with audience members and sign CD’s.

Visit Scott's website: ScottBeckMusic.com


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Scott Beck




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