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Willkasara in Concert
Music from the Andes

Wachan Bajiyoperak, Martika and Shiqwarkenty

Sunday, September 27th, 2:00 PM
$10 in advance $12 at the door

Sacred Sound from the Andes

As part of the Old Town Center for the Arts Spirit Concert Series you are invited to experience the music, culture and spirit of Willkasara, from the Andes in South America, on Sunday, September 27th at 2:00 pm. Willkasara is Native Shaman Wachan Bajiyoperak, and his family Martika and Shiqwarkenty.

Willkasara, which means ‘sacred corn,’ will present traditional Andean dance and music on handcrafted flutes, drums, panpipes and percussion instruments. As descendents of their native Incan culture, they bring the ‘earth healing ways.’ From local clay-earth to the sacred seeds and native plant species, their music resounds within the landscape. Their philosophy is to “share with you what we have in common” through the healing properties of our native land.

The sacred seeds have been used as a source of life and medicine for thousands of generations. For the Inca and pre-Inca people, the corn seeds were a connection with (Pachamama) Mother Earth, and were used in the traditional ceremonies. The Winter Solstice, one of the most important events for the Inca calendar, was celebrated in the ‘Garden of Golden Crops of Corn’ in the Koricancha or Temple of Our Father Sun. Gold and corn was shared among the people as a sign of enlightenment. In the same way, Wllkasara’s purpose is to share the wisdom and knowledge of their ancestors with people around the world. For the past several years Willkasara has been traveling to Japan, Europe, the United States and South America to share their cultural heritage.

Wachan Bajiyoperak comes from a lineage of Incan medicine people. He was born and raised in the high mountains of Cuzco, Peru. Wachan comes from a long lineage of medicine people. Wachan was introduced by his father,Don Bonifacio, a high Inca priest or “keeper of wisdom and knowledge,” to the ancient sacred Inca healing arts. Wachan’s has gathered remarkable transformational sacred music from the Andes, that has the power and potential to affect people’s lives. Bajiyoperak creates and builds his own instruments following the oral teachings of several native communities in Peru. Martika comes from the Mochicas heritage, the Tayrona and the Kogis in the high Andes of Colombia, Sierra Nevada. Martika is a “Harawico Chayna” which means, “keeper of the ancient sacred songs.” She is a descendent of the Taironas and the Kojis, who are also known as the Keepers of Harmony for Humanity. Her journey's path began with life in the Andes of Colombia. Martika’s spirit memories began with the long pilgrimage into the high mountain communities, gathering the sacred songs, dances, and ceremonies that have created her spiritual foundation. Shiqwarkenty was born in the Temple of the Moon in Cuzco, Peru. She sings and shares her loving ways with everyone.

For this special concert you are invited to “listen with your whole being, so that you may resonate with the sacred sound which allows each of us to find peace and become a blessing along the way.”

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Wachan Bajiyoperak
Wachan Bajiyoperak




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