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Scott Huckabay
Solo Acoustic Trans Shamanic Music

Friday, April 23rd 7:30PM
$12 advance $15 door, $12 Seniors

“Scott creates innovative, shamanistic and soul transforming guitar alchemy, inspiring trance states that resonant with the heart chakra in 528 Hz, an ancient frequency that induces feelings of love and healing.”

As in the old cliché ‘you have to see it to believe it’ Scott Huckabay’s trans-shamanic guitar performances defy description. The uniquely brilliant Scott Huckabay travels to Cottonwood to bring his eclectic, mesmerizing guitar pyrotechnics to Old Town Center for the Arts for a concert on Friday, April 23rd at 7:30 PM.

With stylistic elements reminiscent of the guitar playing of Hendrix and Hedges, Huckabay creates a sonic tour de force that is imaginative, innovative and otherworldly. A reviewer’s account may help to visualize Huckabay’s self described ‘journeys into ‘sonic guitar alchemy.’ “With incense burning between strings, wearing bells on both ankles, the passionate ritual begins. The stage echoes, rolling like thunder under his bare feet, pounding a mesmerizing heartbeat. Dancing in a circle, shaking his dolphin guitar like a shaman shaking his magic medicine rattle, he lifts the guitar to his lips and howls the ancient cries from the deepest seas, leading us on a mesmerizing journey...”

Scott Huckabay's performance video

For Huckabay, every performance is a journey. To watch Huckabay play the guitar, you are struck by his overall mastery of the fretboard and the way in which his fingers fly up and down the neck of his acoustic guitar. Including using a meteorite for a guitar pick, Scott utilizes every known guitar trick and then adds a few of his own just for fun. Musically, Huckabay lives and breathes as a one-man-band on stage, where he communes with his lovingly battered Taylor K20 acoustic guitar, looping and layering acoustic rhythms and percussive textures into a rich, holistic union. Huckabay dabs from an extensive sonic palette, incorporating lush modal voicings, two-hand tapping, harmonics, helixing rhythms, percussive pounding, ankle-bell foot percussion, E-bow, and gobs of other effects-soaked string ambiance. Huckabay's passionate performance rituals emit a shamanistic spiritual vibe as well, often culminating with his spinning like a cosmic dervish, his hands a fleshy blur around his guitar.

Behind the explosive dynamics and pulsating rhythm of Scott Huckabay's guitar work lays an inspiring story of healing and recovery that is perhaps, more powerful than the music itself.

Involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident during the Harmonic Convergence Weekend in Arizona, August of 1987. Doctors told him that he would never walk or use his right hand again. He turned to the acoustic guitar, for therapy and a new music began to well up from deep within his soul.

Scott attributes his healing not only to his new music, but also to the year he spent recuperating on a Hawaiian beach, swimming and being inspired by dolphins and whales. He has accepted this entire experience as a gift. Scott believes his mission in life is to share this gift with the world and to help others find healing, joy, and peace through music.

Scott's original style of making music with the guitar has led him to many awards, such as BAM Magazine's Guitarist of the Year Award and his release of Alchemy that won the Independent Music Award for Album of the Year. In addition to his sold out concerts throughout the U.S., Scott has opened for such diverse artists as Joe Satriani, Crosby Stills & Nash, Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Morse, Chicago, Jackson Browne, Albert Lee, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Shadowfax, John Trudell, Pierre Bensusan, Ram Das, Hapa, and Bob Weir, to name a few.

Come witness one of the truly innovative guitarists alive today, for this one night only acoustic trans shamanic concert. As guitar legend Stanley Jordan says, “Scott Huckabay is one inspirational cat!”



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Scott Huckabay

Scott Huckabay

Scott Huckabay




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