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Guitar Summit II

William Eaton, Anthony Mazzella and Fitzhugh Jenkins

Saturday, February 20, 7:30 PM
$12 in advance $15 at door, $12 seniors

Guitars, Harp Guitars, and the Havasupai Harp?

What is the sound of one hand clapping? What is the sound of driftwood with strings attached? The first question, a Zen koan, is a paradoxical riddle that begs contemplation. There is not a definitive answer. The second question may well be a koan, but you can actually hear this ‘driftwood stringed instrument’ for yourself at Guitar Summit II on Saturday, February 20, 7:30 PM at Old Town Center for the Arts. Visionary guitarists William Eaton, Anthony Mazzella, and Fitzhugh Jenkins join forces to play acoustic, electric and electric harp guitars in solo and ensemble configurations. You will also hear the “Havasupai harp’ an instrument that William Eaton fashioned out of a piece of mesquite driftwood found in a slot canyon near Havasupai.

Since the initial Guitar Summit event in September 2009, Anthony Mazzella has created a new solo album, William Eaton has built a new instrument and, Fitzhugh Jenkins has journeyed to Delhi, India to perform and explore new music territory. The trio initially formed several years ago to become the Electric Harp Guitar Group (Ehgg), playing three of William Eaton’s original 18 string electric harp guitars. The trio spent time at Wisdom Tree Studio in Sedona to record their self-titled “Electric Harp Guitar Group” which this past month was selected as one of the top 25 ‘essential CD’s’ of 2009 by Echoes, an internationally syndicated radio program. Ehgg will perform several songs from this acclaimed album and will for the first time collaborate on several new ‘unplugged’ acoustic guitar songs. Each artist will also perform solo, providing a glimpse into the unique guitar styles that have propelled their individual careers.

During the making of the Electric Harp Guitar Group CD, the trio made an excursion to Havasupai Falls. On the return eleven mile hike, William located a slot canyon that had unusual shale outcroppings. He immediately looked for a percussion mallet to reverberate the rock, and found a solid mesquite driftwood branch to play this natural rock marimba. Later he used this branch as a walking stick, and dreamed that night of turning it into a stringed instrument. The next day, strings were added, and a song emerged that was included on the Ehgg CD, entitled ‘Havasupai Lullabye.’ The group will re-create this song and photos of Havasupai Falls, taken during the trip, will be projected on the theater’s cyclorama screen.

Each musician brings diverse talent and creative technique to this ‘one night only’ concert. Anthony Mazzella is recognized as one of the most innovative and technically proficient guitar players in the world, and was voted as “one of the top ten guitarists in the U.S.” by Guitar One magazine. Anthony recently performed his solo album “Heavenly Guitar” to a sold out audience at OTCA. Fitzhugh Jenkins has become renowned for his versatility on acoustic, classical, and bass guitars and his performing and recording career has taken him around the U.S., Europe, India, Canada, and Hawaii. William Eaton is acknowledged as one of the world’s great designers and builders of unique guitars and stringed instruments. The new instrument he will bring to this concert is a surprise. He is a three time GRAMMY Nominee and will appear in March at OTCA with R. Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman to debut their just released CD, “Dancing Into Silence.”

A special feature for the concert will be a tribute entitled “Beyond the Trees” our symbiotic planetary relationship to this species, and the gifts they give, complete with a slide presentation by Christine Eaton, Co-Director of OTCA. Come listen to the acoustic and electric guitar expressions of Eaton, Mazzella and Jenkins at Guitar Summit II.

Old Town Center for the Arts Is located at 5th Street & Main in Old Town Cottonwood. Tickets for The Guitar Summit are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and $12 for Seniors. Tickets are available online at showtix4u.com. Tickets are also available in Cottonwood at: La Bella Café (right next to OTCA), Jerona Java Café, Desert Dancer; and in Sedona at: Crystal Magic, and Golden Word Bookstore. For upcoming events, visit www.oldtowncenter.org. For further information, contact Elena Bullard at 928-634-0940.

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Guitar Summitt II
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William Eaton
William Eaton

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Anthony Mazzella

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