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Connie Fisher
Songs of Ancestral Light

Saturday, May 15th at 7:30pm
$12 advance $15 door, $12 seniors

Songs of our Ancestors

Take a musical tour across the world and through time with Connie Fisher, in concert, singing the sacred and soul-nurturing songs of the Ancients and the Old World on Saturday, May 15th, 7:30 PM at the Old Town Center for the Arts in Cottonwood. Become transported to a time long ago and far away through this multi-media presentation featuring Connie’s ethereal diva voice.

The concert will feature Celtic (Irish and Scottish) ballads, classical songs of India and a selection of Connie’s original songs. Connie’s Celtic vocals include love songs, sea songs, bawdy ballads, and traditional ballads. Her voice is ethereal and captivating as she sings in both English and other world languages, telling a bit of poetic history, as she weaves traditional songs with original song-stories.

Connie is also a talented multi-instrumentalist as she accompanies herself with guitar, tambura, and ethnic flutes. Connie Fisher's original songs find their roots in her life-long study of sacred world music, dance, and art. Connie's training in the arts of South India, West Africa, Celtic and Eastern Europe fuse together and become her vehicle for spiritual self-expression.

Asked why she sings, Connie replies, “For thousands of years, Aborigine myth states that our world was created by song. Aboriginal creation myth tells of beings who, in a primordial 'dreamtime,' willed the material world into being by singing. This is the reason I sing!”

You can check out Connie’s music, art, and graphic art online at www.connieleemarie.com. Come and enjoy an evening of ‘dream time’ and be enveloped in the sound and visuals of this talented artist.

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Connie Fisher





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