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Variety and Magic Show

Comedy, Magic & Fire ‘Oh My’
Magician Robert Ray, Jolly Roger, Abandoned Minds, Steven Sandoval & Julie Das

Saturday, April 10, 7:30 PM
$12 advance $15 door, $12 seniors

Lions, tigers, & bears oh my? Maybe in the land of Oz, but in the land of Cottonwood on Saturday April 10th, at 7:30 pm it’s the “Comedy, Magic, & Fire Oh My” Variety Show It’s a uniquely unbelievable lineup of entertainment the combination of which has never happened in the history of humanity and may never happen again in the future of humanity So that means you have to come. This magical event will be held at the Old Town Center for the Arts.

Why should you come? Because this will be a 2 hour interactive and experiential variety show blending side splitting comedy, mind blowing magic, mesmerizing mentalism (mind reading), and a hypnotic drumming - fire dancing show. So who will be your guides on this comedic, mystical, magically entertaining journey?

Jolly Roger is a world renowned, very funny, and amazingly mystifying comedy magician. He will be your host for the evening. Then there’s the Abandoned Minds Comedy Improv Troupe. They will tickle your funny bones with their hilarious and immensely entertaining comedy improv acting games. Followed by Steven Sandoval, an amazing and highly sought after mentalist who will get in your mind and amaze even the most skeptical But wait there’s more...Julie Ram Das will play and dance with FIRE in ways you won’t believe, while a talented and passionate group of drummers lead her fire dance with their beats, and drum your worries away (and that’s just the intermission show). Then if all that wasn’t enough, Robert Ray will headline the event performing his magic with energy show called ‘Move Your Mind’. Robert’s show is all about the magic and power of your mind and bending the laws of reality, making objects move without touching them, and bending metal with unseen forces.

Robert Ray is the producer of the show and has studied magic, supernatural phenomenon, metaphysics and spirituality since he was very young. He says that some of what he performs could be considered, by some people, as real magic. Some people would say it’s all physics. Some of what he does could be considered illusion, but he will leave it up to you to decide the difference for yourself. Robert also says that impossibilities are actually possibilities that are impossible for most people only because they believe so. He hopes to inspire in his audiences a state of wonder so deep that they question their own reality and what is possible or impossible for them. He claims that nothing is impossible to those who believe in themselves, and magic is as real as you believe it to be

Robert says that in these troubled economic times and global changes people need laughter, people need awe, wonder, and inspiration. His intention for putting together this show is to bring these wonderful emotions and feelings to the people of Cottonwood, Verde Valley, Sedona, and northern Arizona

"Since everything is energy, anything is possible! ~ Stephen Lewis

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Robert Ray
Robert Ray




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